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Sasara Communications Corp. is a limited partnership company based in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan (halfway between Tokyo and Kyoto along the Pacific Coast).

The word "sasara" is a Japanese prefix meaning "small" or "subtle."
It is used in combination with certain nouns, such as sasara-ishi (tiny pebbles or minuscule particles) and sasara-nami (gentle pulsating waves or currents).

Our original intent was to create big waves by gathering ripples of energy generated by each individual around the globe by offering our expertise in computer system engineering and international business communications to facilitate exchanges among those who have awakened to their life missions but are struggling to carry them out.

Basically, we are a small husband & wife company with Mr. Sasara (Masanori Horiuchi) being a system engineer and Mrs. Sasara (Hitomi Horiuchi) an English/Japanese translator/interpreter (at least that is what we still do to make a living).
We have been working separately on a free-lance basis for the past 15 years on various projects, including:

  • Development of recycled-product management software.
  • Development of sales/purchase management software of medical equipment and supplies.
  • Development of software for customer-management and home-delivery of fresh produce and natural food.
  • Japanese/English translation and interpretation in a broad range of industrial/public sectors.
  • Support for joint ventures, license agreements, and other overseas business projects.

Although we were enjoying these kinds of work, we felt it was time for us to consolidate our skills, know-how, and passion to seek more consciously our true path - hence the establishment of Sasara Communications in May 1998. Since then, we have launched several projects that are more in line with our initial company statement. Earlier projects are along the lines of ecology and health, and recent ones are more personal and directed inward.

New! Born-Again (and again and again...) Company Profile

Let us share with you another story about our background.

Since childhood Masanori has loved music especially certain rock and pop numbers of the UK/US. With his guitar he formed an amateur band during high school and self-produced a record album in his early 20s. Composing music was never a struggle for him, as tunes just flowed out from him like a never drying well. However, he was painfully aware that he did not have the voice nor could he generate words to express the underlying messages or the exact sentiments of the musical notes. All he could come up with as lyrics in his robust youth were essentially variations of either (if roughly translated into English) "Woo baby, let's have a good time" or "My babe is gone, and I can't have a good time" --- Unable to find anyone to fill this void, he felt hopeless. With a renewed awareness of what it meant to be an independent, responsible adult, he decided to pursue his career in computer programming, putting his quiet passion for music on the back burner indefinitely.

Hitomi, on the other hand, had no interest in music whatsoever. She could not tell rock from folk music but nevertheless was often reciting old-time Japanese songs from the 30s and 40s, which she had picked up from her father. Generally more annoyed than entertained by popular/contemporary music, she chose to study pantomime, an art of silence, while attending college in Tokyo and moved to the US to make a professional debut. Freed from traditional/cultural/social restrictions, she flourished in the land of opportunities and endeavored as a theatrical performer to further explore her fascination with communicating and making connections on nonverbal/vibrational levels. Almost a decade later, however, after a series of disillusionments she decided to leave the theater community to live an ordinary life as a translator and eventually returned to Japan.

When the two met for the first time in their hometown of Hamamatsu, they made lasting impressions on each other although one was about to hit and the other had just survived the lowest point in life. The second time they met accidentally a couple of years later, they knew they were meant to be and do something together. It did not take long for the two to get married and jointly form a corporation, but finding the common life purpose did not come as easily. (to be continued...)

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